Privacy Policy

We at, Cash Till Payday have a high-tech software system to safeguard your privacy. We protect your personal details from the cyber crimes of miscreant third parties.

World class security provision:
We have a proficient team of experts to protect your identities by keeping stern vigilance all the while. They use the most advanced technology to keep your personal information intact.

Problem-less browsing:
We provide facility for our website visitors to enjoy their browsing sessions anonymously. You need not disclose your personal information when you endeavour to collect details about cash till payday.

Customer-centred websites:
We continue to work towards achieving a friendlier website for our visitors. To make this a reality, we utilize cookies which are small text files. These text programs help us to identify your browsing pattern.

We can also find out the number of customers visiting our websites and the pages they have visited.

As a result we can improve upon our service provided to our customers. Though these cookies are harmless, you can disable them if you feel any discomfort.

Personal data-safe and secure:
When you opt for cash till payday, we ask you enter your name, address, e-mail ids and other details minatorily. When we transfer these details to our servers we make use of SSL encryption technology to ensure safe transportation of personal data.

We never misuse your personal details to gain profit for ourselves or for the company. We at, Cash Till Payday go a step further by advising you not to disclose your login details with anybody accidentally.